Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan - How To Apply Online Now

If you are a business owner or an individual who is in dire need of financial help, you can always get a cash flow relief loan to help support your day-to-day operation. A cash flow relief loan from the Bank of China can be the saving grace that your business truly needs. You can use it to supply your daily needs and make ends meet with your business.

For your benefit, you should also know what to expect to get with the Bank of China Cash Flow Relief Loan to help support your business. Even if you are just an individual that wants to apply for a loan, there are certain expectations that you must meet to support your business or lifestyle.

If you need to learn more about the Bank of China Cash Flow Relief Loan and how to apply online, check out the guide below.

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What is the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan?

The Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan allows you to get a sum of money to help you with the daily transactions of your business.

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It is commonly used to finance different transactions such as your payroll, rent, inventory, and many others and is paid back with the use of your income on your business.

The process of acquiring the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan differs from your usual loan as the bank assesses your cash flow generation capacity instead of a credit analysis of your business. This specific loan works by allowing you to have more cash without having to review your credit score but at a price with a higher interest rate.

With the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan, you can easily get the loan that you need to continue running your business.

Interest Rates and Other Charges

The Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan offers a flat interest rate that applies to a loan at a maximum of 24 months repayment period.

The maximum loan that you can get is 30,000 Hong Kong Dollars. You will receive application fees and an annual percentage rate that ranges from 4.18% to 4.64% depending on your qualifications.

The annual percentage rate or APR of the loan is 4.18%. The best part is that there is no handling fee so you get the exact total loan amount that you want.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Cash Flow Relief Loan

There are a lot of benefits to getting the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan. It gives you the resources you need to run your business daily.

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If you have a business that has excellent profit but does not have the physical assets, this can be a great help to you as a business owner.

Another great benefit is that it does not use any asset or collateral since you are using your future cash flow as part of your repayment scheme.

This makes it beneficial as the loan does not directly interfere with your income nor will you have to deal with a huge statement to pay at the end of each month.

Long and Flexible Repayment Terms

One of the best features of the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan is that it has very flexible repayment options.

If you apply for a cash flow relief loan, you can get as much as 60 months repayment period depending on your application to help repay your loan.

This can be customized when during your application according to your needs so it is always best that you try to speak to a representative before you apply for the loan and discuss the flexible repayment terms.

What are the Requirements to Apply for the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan?

To apply for the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan, you need to learn the requirements before your application.

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This can help make the application process much smoother and you get your cash flow relief loan much faster. Remember that there are documents that you need to submit depending on how you want to apply so be sure to have both physical and digital copies of them before you apply.

For applicants, you will need to have a Hong Kong Identity Card, your current residential address proof issued within three months, your bank statements, your latest Tax Demand Note, your Business Registration Certificate, and the latest Tax Demand Note for the business.

Contact Details

You can contact the bank to ask for more details regarding the application through the number 3988 2388. A bank representative will be assisting you with any of your inquiries and provide you with the best answers.

You can also visit their main office located at Bank Of China (Hong Kong) Limited, Bank of China Tower, 1, Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong.

You can also check out the official Bank of China Hong Kong website to learn more about the many features of the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan.

How to Apply for the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan

There are two ways for you to apply for the Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan. You can head over to the nearest Bank of China branch in your area and bring all the necessary documents for the application.

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Fill up the application form and submit it together with the documents. You can also apply online through the Bank of China website and choose the loan then fill up the online application form.

Upload the digital copies of the required documents, review the information as well as the terms and conditions, then submit it.

What to Do After Applying?

The waiting time for most online applications can be very short. It can be within 24 hours after your application but this will depend on the documents and information you have sent to them.

Do expect that the loan that you have applied for might not be the same amount as the granted loan as it is still at the discretion of the bank to provide you with the appropriate amount.


If your small business is in immediate need of financial assistance, a cash flow relief loan is the best way to do this. The Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan offers the most flexible payment terms while also providing you with the financial security that you need for your business to thrive.

Note: There are certain risks involved when you apply for a bank loan. See the bank’s terms and conditions page if you need more information.

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