Bank Of China Cash Flow Relief Loan – How To Apply Online Now

If you are a business owner, you know the dangers of not having the proper cash flow to support day to day operations. But there is support available to help in these times of shortage of cash flow. You can use this for the daily needs of your business.

But for your own benefit, you should know what to expect to get extra cash from a bank to support your business. There are certain expectations that must be met to borrow cash for your business to increase production.

If you need cash to increase production at your business, look at the benefits and how to apply supplied in this piece. You must be a new application to get the benefits of this loan. You can’t have an existing loan.

What Are the Benefits Of Getting a Cash Flow Relief Loan?

There are certain benefits that may come with this loan package offered by the Bank Of China in Hong Kong. Once the loan is approved, the money is paid into your account within a few minutes.

Some interest rebates are assigned to applicants. This depends on the amount loaned and the repayment period of the loan. These rebates will range from 1 month up to 4 months of interest rebates on amounts of 50000 HKD to 1M or more.

There are also the benefits of lowered interest rates if you apply for the loan before the expiry date of the promotion. The expiry date for this promotion is on 30 April 2020. And you will get the rebate by 31 May 2020.

All E-channel can be used to apply for this cash flow relief loan from the Bank Of China in Hong Kong. So you can apply from the convenience of your office or home for this loan. Additionally, approval takes less than a minute.

Bank Fees And Interest Rates

When this cash flow relief loan is approved, you get a lowered interest rate at a flat rate. This flat rate is applicable to a loan at a maximum of 24 months repayment period and 30 000 Hong Kong Dollars.

You also get a waiver of application fees and an annual percentage rate that ranges from 4.18 percent to 4.64 percent.

You will pay a monthly flat rate of 0.0562 percent on the loan amount mentioned in the example above. The annual percentage rate will be 2.67 percent, which also includes an annual handling fee of 0.75 percent.

The maximum loan amount for this cash flow relief loan is HKD30 000. It is important to note that the final loan amount depends on the credit rating. The interest rate is based on a loan of HKD30 000. Calculations include a repayment period of 6 months and 0.2% flat rate monthly.

The annualized percentage rate (APR) will then be 4.18 percent and is calculated according to specific guidelines. The Hong Kong Association of Banks laid down these guidelines. They are a reference rate that includes basic interest rates. 

How To Apply

To apply for this cash flow relief loan at the Bank Of China in Hong Kong, you can easily do it online. You can use any of the E-banking channels to apply for this cash flow relief loan. Plus, you will qualify for the benefits.

You can also apply by going to any of the branches that are available near you for a quick application.

You can also call the hotline for customers at +852 3988 2128, or you can apply online here for a cash flow relief loan.

Contact Information

If you want to get into contact with the bank, there are a few ways to do it. Here is the address and contact numbers that you need.

Physical AddressBank Of China (Hong Kong) Limited, Bank of China Tower, 1, Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

Inquiries: 3988 2388                                                  

Facsimile: 3406 2326

Web page:

Note: There are certain risks involved when you apply for a bank loan. See the bank’s terms and conditions page if you need more information.

Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow: Borrow only if you can repay! Courtesy of BOCHK.