Standard Chartered Visa Credit Card - How To Sign Up Online

Signing up for a credit card is no small task, and with so many banks offering so many different varieties of cards, plans, and options, the task can feel overwhelming. However, finding the right credit card for you can be extremely rewarding. 

Standard Chartered Bank offers a great range of credit card options without being excessive. Each card offers different benefits and rewards, with eight to choose from in total. Each benefit is catered to suit different people, from travelers, overseas shoppers, and super-savers.

This short guide will walk you through the online application process for a Standard Chartered credit card. 

Benefits of a Standard Chartered Credit Card

While Standard Chartered does not have an overabundance of credit card choices, the benefits that come with their credit cards seem endless. Each time that you make an international or local retail transaction using your Standard Chartered credit card, you’ll be earning rewards points

Accumulate enough of these points, and you’ll be able to redeem them at designated merchants across the globe. These points can be redeemed at any STC partner merchants, ranging anywhere from dining, fashion, lifestyle, and food. The Standard Chartered website has a full list of merchants that these points can be redeemed with

Standard Chartered has also partnered with STC to provide its customers with an exclusive credit card that features some of the bank’s unmatched benefits. The STC Elite card offers the best of travel, telecom, and lifestyle privileges. 

They have also created the STC Credit card to compliment a lifestyle that is all-encompassing. This card provides anybody the freedom to experience the best benefits of an elite lifestyle. It also provides discounts at a wide range of retailers, and benefits in telecom as well. 

Fees & Rates

There are three Standard Chartered credit card fee schedules. The first encompasses their Classic/Gold variety of credit cards. The interest rate for retail and cash advances for these cards is 2% per month or 24% annually. 

They have an interest-free period of 48 days, with a minimum due amount of 5%. You’ll need to pay these fees 18 days after you receive your statement.

For their Platinum Privilege range of cards, the interest rate for cash advances and retail is also 2% per month, or 24% every year. They have an interest-free period of 48 days as well, with a 5% minimum due amount, and an 18-day window for payment.

Finally, for Standard Chartered’s Platinum range of credit cards, the interest rate for retail and cash advances is 2% per month once again or 24% annually. They also have 48-day interest-free periods, and a 5% minimum amount due. You’ll have 18 days to pay after receiving your statement for these cards as well.

Note that with all of these credit cards, the maximum cash advance limit rate is 50%.

How To Apply

The online application process for a Standard Chartered credit card is quite standard. When you visit the application page on their website, you are prompted to select a welcome offer. This is a complimentary gift that many banks give to new customers. 

Then, you will have the choice to apply for Standard Chartered’s Time Deposit Account to earn more Asia Miles. This is optional, and if you do decide to apply, you may choose to have a consultant call you at a later time for more details

Next, as with most banks, you will be required to enter your basic information. This includes your date of birth, your HKID, email address, mobile number, and so on. You are also required to specify your source of income, as well as how much you earn annually

Next, you will need to enter more personal information, your Asia Miles membership status, your employment status and details, your preferences, necessary documents, and a review of the information you have entered and the plan you are applying for. 

Contact Details

Investment Hotline: (852) 2282-3888

Sales and Product Hotline: (852) 2886-8868 (press 2*3)

Phone Banking Service-Hotline: (852) 2886-8888

Mail: Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Ltd, GPO Box 21, Hong Kong

For a full list of branches, sub-branches, and ATMs, click here

Note: There are some risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consider viewing the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.

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