Another spy: Imesh

THE W@RRIOR annouces us that Imesh is just another program spying on you. It’s a pretty mean one:

Users of Imesh, watch out!

If you install Imesh, the installer will install spyware in the Windows-registry. This spyware will register and send your surf-behavior (and more). The spyware still works if you delete Imesh! They only thing you can do, is: fill in a false e-mail address, like


The one thing I just can’t figure out is that how using a false adress will protect you from being spied upon. I mean, they can log your IP so using a not existing email adress won’t help.

A well, this article came from “Computer Idee”.. they also manage to fill 2 pages of text about formatting a disk using Windows 98 … they aren’t that smart… 🙂

Source: Newssubmit