Bond Blu-ray discs not playing in some Blu-ray players

Bad news for some people who bought the latest Blu-ray releases of the James Bond movies. Turns out that the discs may or may not play in your spankin' new Blu-ray player without a firmware update.

Reports are that some players made by Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, and Sony are unable to play the discs. Depending on which version of the player you have and which firmware is installed, your mileage may vary.

Some users that have Profile 2.0 Blu-ray players are able to go into the menu and activate the update firmware option and get the firmware updated right away if the player is connected to the Internet. Those that have older players will have to either contact the manufacturer to request a firmware update disc, or perhaps download the firmware from their site and flash the firmware yourself.

However, the latest firmware for your player may or may not fix the problem. Some users report that they have the latest firmware, but the discs still do not play. If this is the case, you're stuck waiting for the manufacturer to release a new firmware update for your player.

This must be a real kick in the teeth for the Blu-ray camp, who is struggling with consumer uncertainty of the technology in a ruinous economic environment.

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