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Oliver Kastl, the author of CloneCD, now also updated his software, yesterday, BlindWrite hit the streets, and according to the reactions on our yesterday’s newsposting, this is a very fine and modern piece of burning software. It seems to be supporting a lot more recorders and this was just the bad thing about CloneCD.

This new version of CloneCD does support more drives. Ricoh and Waitec users can now be happy, the models: RICOH 7080A,RICOH 9060A, WAITEC CD-R WT3284, WAITEC CD-R WT2082 are now officially supported.

Of course there are more improvements:

Version 12June2000

New features:

  • More CD-Readers and CD-Writers are supported (see below).
  • Hardware requirements updated.
  • Improved task scheduler to reduce buffer under runs.
  • Improved caching to reduce buffer under runs.
  • Improved reading of 16 byte subchannel data for drives, that don’t read 96
    bytes subchannel data (e.g., TEAC 532E-B, TEAC 532S)
  • CloneCD checks, if Image files will fit on destination disk, before
    reading is started.
  • CloneCD issues a warning message, if the selected Fast Error Skip settings
    are not supported by the CD-Reader.
  • CloneCD will no longer delete the partial image files after a
    “CD-Reader not compatible” error.
  • Improved Fast Error Skip Settings Online Help.
  • Reduced time to start CloneCD.
  • Minor cosmetic changes

Compatibility fixes and improvements:

  • RICOH 7080A Writer now officially supported (A very good CloneCD reader,
    too!). Firmware
    or better is required!
  • RICOH 9060A Writer now officially supported. Firmware
    or better is required!
  • WAITEC CD-R WT3284 Writer now officially supported. Firmware
    or better is required!
  • WAITEC CD-R WT2082 Writer now officially supported. Firmware
    or better is required!
  • HP CD-Writer 8290i: Added improved Fast Error Skip and reading of
    Subchannel Data from Data Tracks (BETA feature)
  • TEAC 532S: Added reading of Subchannel Data
  • TOSHIBA XM-6401B: Added reading of Audio Data (BETA feature)
  • More SCSI CD-ROMs supported (e.g., Toshiba XM-6401B, TEAC 532S)
  • SONY CRX120E, HP 8200i:
    Fixed problem of not ejecting media after burn (again…).
  • SAMSUNG DVD (maybe others, too):
    Fixed problem of locked CD tray.
  • DirectCD compatibility:
    Fixed problem of Eject button press not recognized.
  • Windows 2000:
    I/O Routines optimized.
  • Windows NT:
    Fixed “blue screen of death” crash, when accessing ATAPI drives
    when DMA has been enabled with the DMACheck utility. It should now be safe to
    use DMA with CloneCD under Windows NT.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed various problems of the Read-Engine, when the reading drive only
    supports reading of 16 bytes subchannel data.
  • If you minimize CloneCD during read/write/copy by right clicking the icon
    in the taskbar (very cool with the new % display) and the operation is
    finished, CloneCD’s window management was confused and you needed to exit
    CloneCD. This problem is fixed.
  • The “Bad Sector Scanner” didn’t work as expected with several
    drives (Plextor Burners & CD-ROMs, HP-Burners), if Fast Error Skip or
    reading of Subchannel Data from Data Tracks was on, Error Correction set to
    “None” or “Software” and the retry count greater than

You can find CloneCD of course at:
Are you still intrested in CloneCD, or will you now be using BlindWrite ?