CloneCD author counters 'Fireburner'

In a reaction to the yesterday released 'article' by the author of Fireburner Oliver Kastl (author of CloneCD mailed us his view on this:


I've seen, that you opened a discussion about "CloneCD a Hoax".

Just my comments:

1.) Of course - CloneCD can't make a "perfect" copy of data it cannot read.

That should be obvious. I think it wasn't necessary to prove this 🙂

2.) In case CloneCD detects a bad sector, it will display an error in the

logfile. Well, displaying an error should give the user a hint, that the

copy can't be "perfect".

3.) If the data can't be read, dummy data is created that can't be read

either. If the Original can't be read, and the Copy can't be read - isn't

that as a close as "perfect copy" can be?

4.) The author talks a lot about read errors. Come on, do SecuROM CDs have

read errors? AFAIK CloneCD is the only CD-Duplicating program in the world,

that can make a working safety backup of e.g., Revolt (SecuROM) *without*

bypassing the copy protection. What has this to do with read errors?

5.) Why can CloneCD overburn with Sony and HP Burners, but other programs

can't? Does this have anything to do with read erros?

6.) The author talks about bypassing copy protections. I want to make it

perfectly clear, that CloneCD does not and never has bypassed any copy

protection. It does not decrypt, descramble or modify the data it reads in

any way. Important: The data it "reads". Read errors are - Errors. The data

can't be read.

7.) In conclusion, calling CloneCD a hoax and calling me a liar is very bad

attitude (and wrong, too), and leaves a foul taste in the mouth, especially

from an author of a competing product.

8.) I asked the author of the article for a public apology, but he didn't



Oliver Kastl

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