Copy-control Senator sleeps while fair-use rights burn

More SSSCA (bad) news.

Picture a future where distributing Linux is a crime punishable by a hefty fine and a prison sentence. If that sounds ridiculous, then you haven’t run into the Security Systems Standards and Certification Act. It’s the very latest – and most bizarre – word in political back-scratching from one of South Carolina’s U.S. senators. And he’d rather not talk about it, thank you very much.

It is unlawful to manufacture, import, offer to the public, provide or otherwise traffic in any interactive digital device that does not include and utilize certified security technologies that adhere to the security systems standards adopted under section 104. This is the heart of the new Security Systems Standards and Certification Act (SSSCA), a draft of legislation proposed by U.S. Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings, a Democrat from South Carolina.

Yes, it is vague, and perhaps intentionally so. The SSSCA raises a number of questions, none of which its politically powerful sponsor feels compelled to answer.

I’m wondering what American politicians are doing besides nothing.

Who is stopping those maniacs from making such a law, which by the way violates their civil rights if anyone have forgotton.

Source: The Register