EC investigates European high DVD prices

Most European will know that CD’s/DVD’s are much cheaper in the USA, and that these things are not only cheaper because of taxes etc. The European Comission is now investigating if there is enough competition in this market.

The European Commission is chasing up consumer complaints that DVDs cost too much in the EU.

According to the FT, EU competition commissioner Mario Monti is going address a meeting of consumers in Stockholm today, and tell them the Commission has got in touch with Hollywood film companies to quiz them on their pricing strategies.

It’s also going to find out if encoding the DVDs so they’ll only play in specific regions constitutes anti-competitive practice.

If this investigation is anything like the old probes into European CD pricing, it’ll go nowhere. ®

As Thereg says, CD prices are still way too high over here. In the Netherlands you pay for most recent albums about 20$+ (45 NLG) for the latest Daft Punk album that is 1 CD, we will have to bring over 50 NLG !

Source: TheRegister