Even God hates Blu-ray?

At the Vatican they've been brainstorming for a few weeks now and today an assembly of Catholic bishops called for the use of mass communications to spread the word of the Bible.

Television, cinema, DVDs and even iPods will be part of the Holy Word's media mix. It is expected that all content will be delivered in several languages and after that distributed through out the world.

For years the Vatican has been quick with adopting new technologies. For example the institute was one of the first organizations to own a website and now sees the iPod as a new interesting instrument.

Of all the current technologies Blu-ray seems not to be on the Vatican's list. In an official statement the Vatican announces their chosen technologies and Blu-ray isn't on the list (yet).

"The voice of the Divine Word must resonate over the radio, on Internet channels with virtual distribution (and by) CDs, DVDs and iPods, and on television and cinema screens."

Well, it seems high-definition isn't on these early adopters' list yet. Maybe that says something about how popular Blu-ray is at this point. Who knows, maybe Christmas could make up for it?

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