LG releases monitors with virtualization

LG is expected to begin selling new flatscreen monitors capable of handling virtualization, offering owners a built-in virtual desktop able to support more than one user at a single time.

The "SmartVine" N-Series of monitors incorporate NComputing virtualization that allow users to operate a virtual desktop.  Although it’s possible to connect a mouse and keyboard directly to the monitor, it also can be used a regular monitor when connected to a PC.  It supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.


The monitors should cost less than $200, which will allow businesses to reduce the amount of hardware and maintenance that is necessary in the workplace.  The U.S. market will get 17-inch and 19-inch models, while the international users will have access to a 16-inch  model.

Along with having access to the mouse and keyboard, monitor, and personal files, but users can also share common applications through the single PC.


LG expects to begin selling the monitors before the end of the month.

LG aims to sell the SmartVine for the education and service industries, along with some tech-related crafts that require multiple users on a small amount of PCs.

I’ll be watching for reviews of this LG lineup after it’s released in the United States.  I don’t have a day-to-day need for such a monitor, but this could certainly be a sign of things to come.  Virtualization is still an extremely popular technology that many companies are still beginning to adopt.


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