Publish movies as Video Postcards on CD-R

The producers of the award winning DVD software WinDVD now come with a new product called MyDVD. This software uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to combine video, audio, text and pictures into video postcards with up to one hour of high-quality video on a low-cost CD recordable disc.

MyDVD for CD allows user to take highly compressed MPEG video and audio from InterVideo’s other WinCinema applications and other sources and burn these captured clips directly to recordable CDs. DVD-style menus let users select which scenes to watch by clicking a button or video thumbnail. By including a free runtime version of WinDVD® (InterVideo’s industry leading software DVD player) on the CD-R, the discs will play back on virtually any CD-ROM equipped personal computer. This allows users to share the videos they make with friends, family and colleagues easily and affordably.

As the newest member of InterVideo’s WinCinema(TM) suite of multimedia products, MyDVD for CD works smoothly with InterVideo’s WinCoder(TM) video capture application. By using these products together, home video enthusiasts can easily and quickly combine video, music, text and digital photos to create their own “Hollywood-quality” titles.

Source: Yahoo