RealNetworks and Starz to offer online movie service

RealNetworks and the cable channel company Starz Encore announced today a new subscription service for online movies called “Starz On Demand”. The service will be launched in spring 2003 and will be a competitor to MovieLink and CinemaNow.

The new online movie subscription service, Starz On Demand, will have robust copyright protection and also allow users to enjoy high-quality video playback, said RealNetworks Chief Executive Rob Glaser.

“I would call it a natural progression, videos on the Internet,” Glaser told Reuters, adding that digital rights management technology would be built into the new movie service.

Starz Encore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corp, said that more than 100 movies would be offered each month to subscribers for a “low monthly fee,” but did not provide more specific details on pricing.

The “low monthly fee” will be around $10 according to the AP article @ Yahoo. It would be interesting to know what RealNetworks means with “high-quality video” too…

Source: Reuters