VIA files local lawsuit against MediaTek, sues Lite-On IT in US

Following last month's
lawsuit against MediaTek in the US, VIA has now
filed another lawsuit against its
competitor over the same cause in Taiwan. VIA has also added the name Lite-On IT
to its current lawsuit in the US:

With the lawsuits in Taiwan, VIA is seeking 'reasonable
protection" under intellectual property laws, including prohibition of the
sale, display or manufacturing of the products infringing its patent
rights; the destruction of the products; and a certain amount of financial
compensation, according to the company.

In addition, VIA has listed Lite-On IT, a
major optical storage drive maker that orders chip sets from MediaTek, as
a defendant in its lawsuit against MediaTek in the US District Court for
the Northern District of California (San Francisco

The US lawsuit, filed in early June, alleges
that MediaTek infringed on VIA's US patent 6,459,665 with its DVD-ROM,
CD-RW and combo controller products. VIA is seeking a preliminary
injunction on the sale, display and import of the products into the US,
and may also ask for the destruction of inventory held in the US and an
unspecified level of compensation, VIA said.

In response, MediaTek said it had found flaws
in the granting of VIA's patent in the US, since the patent was deficient
in 'novelty and improvement." The lawsuits in Taiwan are believed to
involve the same kind of patent, but MediaTek will comment on the cases
only after it receives the formal legal complaint, according to a MediaTek
press release.

According to the article, MediaTek will protect the legal rights of its client,
Lite-On IT.

Source: DigiTimes

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