Windows 2000

Microsoft announced that Windows 2000 will be protected against piracy in any possible way. They will put holograms on the CD's and the certificate is said to be more protected then a 100 dollar bill. Microsoft is also searching for sites that illegally sell Windows 2000 (even before it's release). They are using a new sort of software that searches the web for these kind of sites. Every single CD will have it's own serial number, and after 50 times of unregistered use, Microsoft will force you to register (they say only your home country is required to be filled in).

Our comments: Who cares about holograms, and certificates. A Windows 2000 key generator will be the solution for the serial number. The main concern is the registration process. Will it really be anonymous, or do they scan your HD etc. ? We think they can never stop piracy this way !

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