Apple patches iPhone SMS vulnerability

Apple today released a new iPhone software patch that fixes a critical software vulnerability allowing hackers to secretly hijack a subscriber’s phone.

Independent researchers Collin Mulliner and Charlie Miller,‭ ‬who presented the information during the Black Hat security conference,‭ discussed the‬ major SMS message flaw.‭  ‬A hacker has the ability to use the way the iPhone handles text messages against the device,‭ ‬completely controlling the device‭ – ‬placing calls,‭ ‬sending or receiving text messages,‭ ‬using the Internet,‭ ‬and other popular functions.

Of course it’s possible the vulnerability could be used to send out malicious messages,‭ ‬though AT&T,‭ ‬the lone U.S.‭ ‬service provider,‭ ‬would quickly eliminate as many hijacked messages as possible.‭  ‬Specifically,‭ ‬Mulliner and Miller are both concerned hackers could use a hijacked phone to send launch other SMS attacks on iPhones,‭ ‬which could end up spreading like wildfire.

Steve_JobsIf you’re a current iPhone owner,‭ ‬it’s highly recommended you download the patch through iTunes,‭ ‬then connect the phone to a computer and get the security update.

It’s nice to see Apple finally fix the flaw,‭ ‬but it’s a shame it took so long for the company to do something about it.‭  ‬Despite the recent fix,‭ ‬the SMS vulnerability has been written about and discussed for some time now.

There is growing concern regarding mobile phone vulnerabilities and attacks,‭ ‬as the number of smartphone owners continues to increase.‭  ‬Furthermore,‭ ‬the amount of personal information stored on phones,‭ ‬including phones,‭ ‬e-mail addresses and banking information,‭ ‬make them an appealing target for hackers.