Learn How to Order Online | Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card

If you are currently struggling with your monthly payments or you are thinking of making a large purchase using your credit card, then we are about to tell you of a card that can help you with that. Before you make any decisions, you may want to check out the Scotiabank Value Visa Card.

This card will help you save plenty of money each year with their very low interest rates and a great introductory balance transfer offer. 

They also offer an equally low APR on balance transfers but their promotional time is shorter than other cards in the market. Read on to learn more about how the Scotiabank Value Visa can help you!

Learn How to Order Online | Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card
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The Main Benefits of the Card

The Scotiabank Value Visa Card offers a number of low-cost rates and fees, as well as other benefits to entice users.

Welcome Offer 

You will get a 0.99% APR introductory interest offer on balance transfers for the first six months with the card. After this period, the rate goes to an industry-low of 12.99%.

Low Interest Rate

The card has a very low interest rate of 12.99% and it is one of the lowest values in the banking industry. Between the very low balance transfer introductory rate, and the low interest rate on purchases, it is easy for customers to quickly pay off outstanding balances.

A Free Supplemental Card

If you need an additional card, the bank provides a great offer for you. You get a free supplemental card for your family members and spouses at no extra cost.

Car Rental Savings

You get value with this card for all car rentals. You will receive a 25% discount on base rates, at participating Avis or Budget car rental locations.

Insurance Protections

Get peace of mind by opting for one of two insurance packages that include critical illness benefit and hospitalization benefit with the Basic Protection or Comprehensive Protection offered by Scotiabank.

Fees and Charges of the Card

As with any credit card, it is important to know the fees and charges associated with using it. Some of the charges are below, but the list is not comprehensive. Visit the Scotiabank website to see the full list.

  • Annual Fee – $29 per annum
  • Additional card fees - $0
  • Purchase APR – 12.99%
  • Balance Transfer APR - 0.99% for 6-month introductory offer, 12.99% thereafter
  • Cash Advance APR - 12.99%
  • Credit Card Limit - $500 minimum
  • Dishonoured Payment Fee - $48.00
  • Non-sufficient Funds Fee - $48.00
  • Monthly Statement Fee - $5.00
  • Overlimit fee - $29.00
  • Foreign Currency Conversion - 2.5%
  • Balance Transfer Fee (for transfers to Scotiabank accounts or to non-financial institutions) - $5.00
  • Cash Advance Counter Fee (in Canada) - $5.00
  • Cash Advance Counter Fee (outside of Canada) - $7.50
  • Cash Advance Fee - $5.00
  • Scotia Credit Card Cheque Fee - $5.00

How to Apply for the Scotiabank Credit Card

To apply for this card, go to the company’s website. Start by reading the disclosure statement and accept the terms and conditions to continue. 

Next, fill in the application form with your personal details such as your social insurance number, your name, and your date of birth. 

Finally, review this information before submitting the application. 


To qualify for the card, ensure that you fulfill the following criteria. 

You must be a Canadian citizen or at least hold a residential status, you must have attained the minimum age of the province you reside, and must have an annual income of around $12,000.

Please log on to the Scotiabank company website in order to fill out an application form and find out more details about the Scotiabank Value Visa Card.

Contact Information

Please contact the bank with any other questions or concerns. You can call them at 416-866-3675 or find their executive offices at Scotia Plaza, 44 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1H1.

Learn How to Order Online | Scotiabank Value Visa Credit Card
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The Bottom line

This credit card comes with some good features such as very low interest rates and balance transfer rates. If you are currently planning on making a big purchase or paying for an upcoming vacation, you should consider this card.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.

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