Learn How to Order a Reflect Card: Wells Fargo Credit Card

Wells Fargo is a popular financial institution that has brought us tons of credit cards and other financial products and services. They have offered a lot of credit cards in the past including the Wells Fargo Platinum credit card which has been one of their most famous offerings.

With their recent streamlining of products and services, Wells Fargo has discontinued the product and offered a newer and better balance transfer credit card to the masses with the Wells Fargo Reflect credit card.

If you want to learn more about this new offering, check out the guide below to learn how to order a Wells Fargo Reflect credit card and its main features and benefits.

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Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card Benefits and Features

The Wells Fargo Reflect credit card is a powerhouse in terms of saving.

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It has one of the longest balance transfer interest-free periods that you can find in the market.

Apart from that, there is still tons to learn more about this amazing credit card that was intended to replace the popular Wells Fargo Platinum credit card.

Longest Balance Transfer Interest-Free Period

The Wells Fargo Reflect credit card offers 0% APR on balance transfers for the next 21 months of opening the account.

This means that you can transfer and consolidate balances from your other card into this credit card to help you pay them off. The long interest-free period allows you to use the card for purchases as well.

Since you have a lot of time to pay off your balance, you can take this opportunity to save more since you won't get charged with any interest rates.

Interest Rates and Other Charges

Speaking of interest rates, the Wells Fargo Reflect credit card has a regular APR for purchases ranging from 18.24% to 29.99%.

You will get 0% intro APR for the first 21 months from account opening for both purchases and balance transfers and will revert to the original rate after the period.

Cardholders also get to enjoy zero annual fees and a minimum of $5 or 5% balance transfer fees. When used overseas or when converting a currency, the card will charge you a 3% foreign transaction fee.

Get Personalized Deals Through My Wells Fargo Deals

As a Wells Fargo member, you are entitled to countless personalized deals from Through My Wells Fargo Deals.

You can earn cash back by using your card through this platform and use the cash back rewards to convert them into account credit.

Use the account credit to shop, dine, and enjoy an experience by simply using your Wells Fargo Reflect credit card to any partner establishment.

Cellphone Protection

When you have the Wells Fargo Reflect credit card and use it to purchase a new cellphone, it will automatically receive cell phone protection against theft and damage of up to $600.

While it is still subject to a $25 deduction, you can bet that you will never have to worry about having a defective or lost cell phone ever again with the help of this credit card.

What is the Wells Fargo Reflect Card Best For?

You might think that having a credit card will solve all of your financial problems but there are specific credit cards for specific problems.

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If you have been dealing with a lot of credit lines and you want to consolidate them into one credit card, this is the perfect credit card for you.

Anyone who is looking for a promotional 0% APR on balance transfers should look into this credit card to solve their problems.

While it may not have all the perks and benefits that a travel rewards credit card has, it will certainly be a helping hand for those who are struggling with their credit. With this credit card, you might have just earned a second chance at transferring and consolidating your balance.

Contact Details

If you have any concerns about the Wells Fargo Reflect credit card or want to learn more about it, you can call their customer service hotline at 00 800 9564 4422. A bank representative will be able to assist you with any of your concerns.

You can also head over to their main office located at 420 Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94104.

How to Apply for the Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card

Applying for the Wells Fargo Reflect credit card is not a complicated matter.

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There are two ways for you to apply for this amazing credit card.

You can book an appointment at your local Wells Fargo branch or you can head over to their official website to apply online.

Preparing the Requirements

Whether you want to apply online or personally through their local branch, you will need to prepare the required documents.

You will need proof of identity, proof of residency, and proof of income as well as other documents such as your credit report.

Have several copies of them when you visit the site or have digital copies when you apply online.

Applying Online

When applying online, check the homepage of the Wells Fargo Reflect credit card and read all the details thoroughly.

You will also need to review the terms and conditions properly so you will know your interest rate and other charges for using the card.

Once done, click on Apply and fill out the online application form with your details. Upload the documents and review everything before you submit the application form.

Applying at the Local Branch

If you plan on applying at the local branch, bring the documents with you during the application and fill out the application form.

Submit the form and the documents for them to review. You may need to wait for a couple of days before they call you back to let you know if you are approved or not.

In some cases, you only need to wait a couple of hours for you to know their decision. You can also call their hotline number for updates on your application.


When you look at it, the Wells Fargo Reflect credit card might not be the ultimate credit card that has all the fancy perks and features. It is a decent card for new purchases or for those who want to consolidate their balance through transfers.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.

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