Mitsumi CR-480ATE


During the review we've already seen that the Mitsumi CR-480ATE is truly a great CD-RW reader (see page 4
'Data Read Tests''). However we still need to take a look
at how well the drive can write CD-RW media. To format our CD-RW discs we used Ahead's InCD ( version 3.21.0.


CD-RW Tests - Formatting:

We formatted an Infiniti 700MB (!) CD-RW disc with Ahead's InCD and got a free useable disc space of 572MB. An increase
of about 36MB compared to a normal 650MB CD-RW disc.

Infiniti 700MB CD-RW
Infiniti 700MB CD-RW Disc 4x-10x Certified


Although the used CD-RW disc was certified up to 10x writing we had no problems using it at 12x.

CD-RW Tests - Packet Writing:

Then we measured the time it took the Mitsumi CR-480ATE to write a 411MB (431.036.416 bytes) file to the CD-RW disc with
InCD. The file was copied in roughly 4 minutes and 34 seconds. This was about 1 minute faster than the Waitec MEGALUS which
only has a CD-RW speed of 10x while the Mitsumi uses 12x. The average writing speed of the Mitsumi CR-480ATE was


A lot faster than the average writing speeds of the Waitec MEGALUS (7.16x), the Lite-On 24102B (7.23x) and the Plextor
PX-W2410A (7.20x). Please note that the Plextor and Lite-On speeds were reached on different machines so the achieved times
can be a little off.

CD-RW Media - Normal Writing:

Next we used CloneCD to do a Quick Erase to clean the CD-RW disc and used Nero Burning Rom version to write the
same file as a normal data compilation. The disc was recognized as CD-R disc and the write speed was automatically set to
12x. Below a screenshot of the process completed successfully:

Nero writing CD-RW disc test

As you can see the process was finished in 4 minutes and 40 seconds, about the same results we got with the Packet
Writing Tests above.

CD-RW Media - Conclusion:

Like expected the Mitsumi CR-480ATE outperforms all our previous tested drives because of its high re-write speed of 12x
compared to the 10x the other drives use. We were surprised to see we could use our 10x certified Infiniti 700MB CD-RW discs
without problems at 12x. Again thumbs up for the Mitsumi!

To conclude our review we will take a look at how far the Mitsumi CR-480ATE can overburn and if it can handle 8cm
CD-R's as claimed...

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