Belk Credit Card - Learn How to Apply Online

If you are a fan of modern southern style, then you most likely know about the accessories, home furnishings, and clothing that is available at Belk stores. 

Belk has rewarded its regular customers by offering the Belk Rewards credit card

This card brings with it a few benefits that aren’t common with other credit cards.

FEATURES of this Card

The Belk® Rewards Card has a reward system that is based on 3 levels. The first level, Belk Rewards, is offered to those who spend up to $599 per year, and it offers 3% rewards. 

The second level, Belk Premier, gives 4% rewards to those spending $600 to $1,499 per year. 

The third level (Belk Elite), which offers 5% rewards, is offered to those who spend a minimum of $1,500 per year. 

The annual percentage rate (APR) is 25.49%, the annual fees are $0, and you can gain up to 5% worth of Belk rewards.


The reward system Belk came up with is straightforward and easy to use. Just use your credit card to purchase your items online at or in-store. Your purchases will reward you with 3 points for every dollar spent. When you accumulate 1,000 points, you will receive $10 back to use in Belk stores (Belk Reward Dollars).

In order to get the $10 reward in Belk Dollars, you would have to spend around $400 with your card at Belk. That’s a small reward for that much shopping. The 1% or 2% adds up, though, especially when you tend to spend a lot in this store, but that isn’t the only reason you should get a Belk® Rewards Card. 

The first-level cardholders get a few extra benefits, like bonus point events and receipt-free returns. Belk Premier customers and Belk Elite customers will gain even more benefits like birthday coupons, invitation-only saving days, and the Belk Rewards Flex Pay Plan. 

Even if Belk isn’t your first stop for shopping, and you wouldn’t add up many rewards, the Belk® Rewards Card may still be of use to you because you will receive the signup bonus. If you intend to do some massive shopping in the future, then the rewards card will come in handy. 

New cardholders benefit from 20% off (and 15% off for Home or Shoes purchases) for the entire day when they sign up, shop with the card, and gain the 1,000 bonus points. That is enough to redeem $10 in Belk Reward Dollars.

Eligibility and How To APPLY

As opposed to normal credit cards, it’s usually easier to get accepted for store credit cards if you have had credit issues somewhere in the past. Even if your credit score has dropped as low as 600, you still have a good chance of fulfilling the conditions for a Belk Card. Other reward cards will most likely require your credit score to be over 700. 

The Belk Card is a great option if you have future plans that would require your credit score to be higher. It can actually help with building or rebuilding your rating.

To apply, access this link, or go personally to a Belk store. Note that you will actually be applying for two cards at the same time - the Belk Rewards Card and the Belk Rewards Mastercard®. 

The difference is that the Belk Rewards Mastercard® will grant you more access, as it is accepted by any retailer that accepts Mastercard, unlike the Belk Rewards Card that can be used only for purchases at Belk stores or on Belk's website. 

In order to give their cardholders more access, Belk decided that it would be better for the application to be for both cards at once.

FEES and Interest

The Belk Rewards Card has a very high APR of 25.49%. In order to be a Belk Elite user, you would have to spend $1,500, which would be almost $400 in interest per year with the card’s APR.

If you are finding it hard to keep track of your income and expenditure, and that is why you need a credit card, take a look here for more information.


The Belk® Rewards Credit Card is certainly a good acquisition if you are a regular shopper who tends to spend a lot. Having a 25.49% APR would require you to not carry a balance on your card from month to month. If you pay it off periodically, the 3% reward in points can be nice when you receive the $10 Belk Reward Dollars. However, high rewards go only to high spenders. 

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit cards. Consult the institution's terms and conditions page for more information.

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