Bank of Scotland Personal Loan – Discover All the Benefits Before Applying

Whether you are looking to make a big purchase, or an unplanned expenditure is staring at your face, a personal loan can be a smart decision. However, it is important to choose the best personal loan for your needs. We know, with so many loan options to choose from, the choice is often not that easy.  

In this article, we introduce you to a personal loan offering that might just end your search for the loan that works best for you. The Bank of Scotland Personal Loan is a well-designed, inclusive, and easy to manage personal loan offering. 


Here we share with you important loan related information like fees, interest rates, eligibility criteria, and method to apply. But first, let’s look at the features and benefits of the personal loan. 

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Features & Benefits of the Bank of Scotland Personal Loan

Instant Decision on Loan Approval

One of the key difficulties that you might face while applying for loans with most institutions is the incessant delay in the loan approval or rejection, whatever the case may be. With Bank of Scotland Personal Loan, that’s not the case. When you apply for a personal loan from the Bank of Scotland online, you get an instant decision on the loan approval. 

An Online Support Like No Other

Another amazing thing about the Bank of Scotland Personal Loan is the ease of applying for your personal loan. It comprises of online tools and a mobile app that acts as your one-stop solution for managing the loan. Whether you want to retrieve your loan statement, or you want to view your due dates – everything can be done online. In fact, you can even apply for revisions in your loan terms as required.


Unmatched Flexibility in Personal Loan

The Bank of Scotland Personal Loan comes with a lot of flexibility. For example, you can get an early settlement quote for your loan, and make early payments with the Bank of Scotland Personal Loan. You can also apply for a repayment holiday to extend your repayment period. Other options for flexibility include additional payments for personalized interest rates. 

How to Apply for the Personal Loan

You can apply for a personal loan with the Bank of Scotland through multiple channels. However, the best way is to apply online. 

For that, you need to visit the official website of the Bank of Scotland for loans. On the website, you can use the bank’s loan calculator tool. It gives you a personalized quote for the interest rate and repayment period. Next, you should check the eligibility criteria carefully before filling and submitting the online application form. You will get a decision on your loan approval within minutes.


If you are not comfortable applying for a personal loan online, you can also visit the nearest branch of Bank of Scotland. The bank also offers the option of applying through the phone. 

Eligibility Criteria

You need to fulfill the following conditions to be eligible for the Bank of Scotland Personal Loan. 

You should be at least 18 years old, a resident of the UK, and possess a permanent UK address. You should have a paid employment or a regular source of income. Note that full-time college and university students are not eligible to apply. You should also not have a bad credit history (cases of default or bankruptcy), or any county court judgements (CCJs) against you.

Fees and Interest Rate

The interest rates and fees associated with Bank of Scotland Personal loans are personalized and vary with loan amount and the repayment period. See the interest rate below, as well as info regarding terms. For more info, please contact a bank representative.

  • Interest rate – 3.9% APR on loans ranging between £7,500 to £25,000
  • Payment period – 1 to 5 years

Contact Details

Head Office Address

Bank of Scotland, 

PO Box 23581, 

Edinburgh, EH1 1WH


0800 068 2395

0800 056 7424


The Bank of Scotland offers a good solution if you are looking for an easy and quick personal loan. It is a simple application process with an instant decision on approval, and can be managed online with ease.

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit products. Ensure you consult the bank’s terms and conditions page before agreeing to anything.

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