Yamaha CRW3200E


In this part of our Yamaha CRW3200E review we’ll test how fast the drive can write different CD-Recordable media.
Of course we tested every disc afterwards if errors had occurred. We used a 700MB avi-file and used Nero Burning Rom to
write this file in DAO (Disc At Once) mode. Every disc was finalized and set-up as non-multisession.
We left ‘Optimum Write Speed Control’ enabled during these tests. In the table below we’ve summed it all up for


Media Compatibility

Since the Yamaha CRW3200E is only a 10x re-writer we didn’t mention its write times with CD-ReWriteable media. Almost
all discs nowadays can be written at 10x and the write times are only important when dealing with a recorder that has
higher re-write speeds (12x and up).



The Yamaha CRW3200E could write almost all discs at their certified speed. We left the ‘Optimum Write Speed Control’
enabled during all tests because we feel that disabling it can cause coasters as we already discovered during the ‘
Writing Tests’ in this review. When this option is disabled the Yamaha will disregard the recommended speed and just
write the discs at full speed (24x).

To conclude our review we will take a look at how far the Yamaha CRW3200E can overburn and if it can handle 8cm

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