Yamaha CRW3200E


We're almost done with our Yamaha CRW3200E review and we'll, as always, conclude with our 'special discs' tests.
These include an overburning test and a test to see if the Yamaha can write 8cm CD-R's. First off, the overburning test:



We used Infiniti 99min/900mb CD-R's for our tests that were certified up to 32x writing. We used
Nero CD Speed to do an overburn test. We set the 'Test
capacity' to 99 minutes and started the test. You can see the achieved results below:

Overburn Tests


As you can see in above screenshot the Yamaha CRW3200E can overburn to around 94 minutes. Then how about reading 99
minute CD-R's? In the picture below a screenshot of the Yamaha drive reading a 98 minute disc with Nero CD Speed:

Reading 99 Minute CD-R

As you can see the disc is read without problems at full speed. The Yamaha CRW3200E even reaches a top speed of


8cm CD-R Tests:

To conclude our Yamaha CRW3200E review we tried to write 8cm CD-R's manufactured by Plasmon. The discs can hold a
maximum of 23min/200MB and were certified up to 12x writing. Here's the ATIP information and a picture of the disc

Plasmon 8cm CD-R

  • ATIP: 97m 27s 19f
  • Disc Manufacturer: Plasmon Data Systems, Ltd.
  • Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
  • Media type: CD-Recordable
  • Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
  • Nominal Capacity: 201.86MB (23m 00s 00f / LBA: 103350)

We set-up up Nero Burning Rom to burn a compilation of about 200MB and started the write process. In the screenshot
below you can see the Yamaha successfully writing the 8cm disc:

Writing 8cm CD-R

We of course checked the disc after it was written and all files could be copied to our harddisk without problems.

That concludes our Yamaha CRW3200E review. Let's go to our final words and conclusions.

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