LG BP40NS20 Portable Blu-Ray burner review


Review: LG BP40NS20
Reviewed by: vroom
Provided by: MILLENNIATA

We all know LG, and many of our members
have fallen in love with their LG DVD/BD burners. Here at MyCE we have a long
history of reviewing top of the line burners, and we are very happy to review
the latest Blu-Ray burner from LG.

This time we take a closer look on the
external USB2, self powered 6x Blu-Ray burner. The BP40NS20 is capable of
reading and burning CD-Rs at a max speed of 24x, and can also read and burn
DVDs at a max speed of 8x. The BP40NS20 is able to playback 3D movies with the
necessary equipment and it will also burn BDXL triple layer media at a max
speed of 4x.

The drive is also supports burning of
Millenniata’s MDISCs and I would like to thank Millenniata for providing me the
LG BP40NS20 for this review. More info on the MDISC technology and a list of LG
capable drives can be found on Millenniata's website.

Drive Specifications

Here we can see
the specifications of the LG BP40NS20 USB slimdrive, as they appear on the LG


Now let's take a
look at the packaging that the drive is shipped in.

The drive that Millenniata
sent me was an external Blu-ray USB2 burner. The BP40NS20 came as the retail
version and we can see the package and contents below.

Box front

Box rear


Box left and right sides


What’s inside the box

Now it’s time to
take a look at the drive itself and what the drive came shipped with.

The retail package
contained the LG BP40NS20, a split Y USB cable, a software disc and an instruction

Now let’s take a look at the drive.

Drive front

The front of the LG
BP40NS20 has only the BDXL logo, an activity led, the eject button, and the
emergency eject hole. There's a very simple and clean look to the front of the

Drive rear

At the back of the
drive there is only the USB connection.

Drive top

Drive bottom

On the bottom of
the drive there is one label with all the info, and also we can see that the
drive was manufactured in December 2011 in China.

A quick look at the optical system of the LG BP40NS20.

Now let’s head
to the next page where we take a look at the features of the drive….


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