Review – Samsung E60 E-reader reviewed

Review: Samsung E60 E-reader
Reviewed by: Bas Jansen
Provided by: Samsung NL


Ebooks are becoming more and more popular amongst the average consumer. Whereas up until recently most ebooks were bought by ‘early adopters’ who love gadgets and who bought an ereader for the high gimmick factor, lately more and more ereader devices are becoming available. As a result, prices for ereaders have dropped and supply of ebooks has increased very much. With the popularity of Apple’s iPad and the heavily promoted ‘iBooks’ functionality to buy and read books, more and more people will come into contact with electronic books.

This review focuses on the Samsung E60 “electronic reading & writing device”, which is a special 6 inch tablet dedicated to read ebooks. For this purpose, it has a so-called e-ink display, which – contrary to the Apple iPad, does not make use of any backlighting and therefore is very relaxing to read text; almost identical to reading a ‘real’ book. Another difference is that the e-ink display is perfect readable in direct sunlight, where your iPad would only function as a mirror. Downside of e-ink displays is that external lighting is required (just like a traditional book you need to switch on the lamp to read) – and of course the lack of color display (although these are underway).



Box front

What’s inside the box

Box contents


The box contains several things, starting of course with the Samsung E60 ereader. Next to this the box contains several accessories, like the stylus and a USB-cable. This cable can be used to connect the Samsung E60 to PC/Laptop in order to transfer books onto the ereader. Additionally, the Samsung E60 is charged by using the USB cable, since no AC adapter is supplied, regrettably. However, the Samsung E60 has long battery life (more on this later), and an AC adapter can be bought separately as accessory. Another thing is missing though: a case to transport the Samsung E60. The absent of a case for the Samsung E60 is really disappointing, since the version we have tested was white and because ereaders are frequently used outdoors – a (simple) case sure is an important and almost essential accessory. However, no official case is listed as accessory for the E60, so you have to find a case that fits a 6” ereader yourself.

Now let’s head to the next page, where we look at the
Samsung E60 specifications and its connectivity.


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