Get Music and Podcasts for Everyone with Spotify Family

During the pandemic, you are probably staying mostly at home, which means more time to listen to your favorite songs.

The Spotify app offers a superb interface and millions of different tracks to be enjoyed. Among the many different subscription options, Premium Family is the most affordable and comes with a number of innovative features.

Let's discuss the benefits of this subscription option, as well as how to get the most out of Spotify Family.

Features Of the App

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that has been successfully operating for the past 15 years. Today, there is both an iOS and Android app. While the platform is not available in some countries around the world, it works perfectly well in the US.

Among the most important features of this app is “Your Library” and “Shuffle Play”. These two will allow you to pick out your favorite songs so you don’t waste time searching every time you log on to the app.

Additionally, Spotify offers the ability to download and share music, as well as enjoy different podcasts, concerts, and radio stations. Most importantly, you can follow your friends or artists in order to find out more about their recent musical activity.

When it comes to Spotify Family, or the so-called Premium Family subscription plan, there are a number of innovative features. 

First and foremost, while it is an option that offers a discount for up to 6 members, each is going to have an individual login. This means that you still get the opportunity to keep your own playlist, and you don’t have to share the password with anyone.

Another great feature that comes with Spotify Family is Spotify Kids, which offers a plethora of soundtracks and playlists that are exclusive for youngsters. 

Thus, you won’t have to spend as much time looking for music. You will be able to easily play it and enjoy it with your children. Also, as a manager of the subscription plan, you get the option to control and remove explicit tracks from playlists.

Lastly, there is a Family Mix feature, which basically combines most of the tracks for up to 6 individual profiles. It can be perfect to play while you are spending quality family time together.

Who Is It Suited To?

As we have mentioned above, Spotify Family is the perfect solution for more than 2 people living together who want to enjoy a discounted price for their monthly subscription. 

In order to be eligible for it, you need to live with the initial plan manager (Spotify checks the address) and get an invitation from them.

It is ideal both for adults and kids, given the fact that you can create both an individual playlist. Plus, there is the premade Kids tracklist

Another thing that you should know is that, if you have an individual subscription plan already, you will need to cancel that one before joining a Premium Family plan.

Cost Of Spotify Family

The main reason people opt for this subscription plan is because of the reduced cost. 

For example, if two users have joined the plan, the total cost will be $14.99 per month

For three users, it is $19.99 per month.

The price is set at $24.99 per month for four users.

Finally, it costs $29.99 per month for five users of the Spotify Family. 

You will be basically paying a price of $6 a month per user if five people are sharing the account. That is quite affordable.


Spotify Family offers more than a couple of advantages compared to an individual account.

  • More affordable
  • Kids playlist
  • Family Mix feature
  • User-friendly interface
  • Joining process is simple


However, there is a single disadvantage that could directly affect the privacy of one user.

  • Plan manager can remove songs that are considered explicit

How To Use It

Frankly, there is nothing complicated when it comes to getting the most out of Spotify Family. Firstly, everyone should have the app downloaded from Google Play or the App Store

Once that is done, go to the subscription options. There you will find Spotify Family. From there, you will go through a few simple steps to join the plan. 


If you and your family members love spending your free time listening to what Spotify has to offer, the Premium Family plan is the perfect solution. 

Affordable, easy-to-use, and with a number of innovative features, it is an investment you won’t regret!

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