Watch These Insect Fights Filmed By Cameras

Humans have been watching animals fight for our amusement for centuries: man vs. man, lions vs. man, tigers vs. panthers, wolverines vs. warthogs, and now, thanks to YouTube and high-def smartphones, insects vs. other insects. 

These are not wild-filmed experiences. Alternatively, these insects are either bought or found, placed in a terrarium, and pitted against each other. 

There are thousands of these videos, some garner hundreds of thousands of views to millions, and they come from all over the world. In this article, read on to learn more about these viral insect fight videos on Youtube.

Watch These 8 Insect Fights Filmed By Cameras
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Mantis Vs. Scorpion Fight 

The mantis is enormous, with long arms that snap quickly to spear their prey. If the scorpion goes in to catch the mantis’ tail, it will snap back. In this scenario, just before its stingers get to inject their poison, the mantis must defeat the scorpion.

Enemies of the praying mantis on the field have reason to think twice before they attack. Mantises can grow up to 6 inches, or longer, and rodents, scorpions, snakes, and lizards have been known to devour pregnant females. 

Are you starting to get curious? Check out this viral video of a mantis vs. scorpion, with over 19 million views on Youtube.

Watch These 8 Insect Fights Filmed By Cameras
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Hornet Vs. Wasp

Wasps are more solitary, whereas hornets live in larger groups, so a one-on-one encounter wouldn’t be a regular occurrence. Hornets appear to be more violent. 

This means they could possibly attack first, and hornets, even by a tiny bit, appear to be bigger and bulkier. However, a typical wasp sting can injure a person to a life-threatening degree. Hornet stings may often seriously hurt or kill a human.

Want to know what insect would win? This viral video gained more than 4 million views on YouTube.

Watch These 8 Insect Fights Filmed By Cameras
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Scorpion Vs. Tarantula

In this insect fight, one of the tarantula gets a surprise attack on the scorpion, and gets the first blow. The tarantula is an extremely strong insect that can inflict a lot of damage because of its power. This insect fight on Youtube has over 7 million views.

Giant Centipede Vs. Venomous Tarantula

If disturbed or handled improperly, a giant centipede may bite back. This bite can cause severe pain that may last for many days, but no deaths have been reported from any Australian centipede bites. 

Owing to their vast, hairy bodies and legs, tarantulas give some people the creeps. Yet these spiders are harmless to humans, and their mild venom is weaker than that of a regular bee.

Check this viral video posted on Youtube and see what happened with the giant centipede and tarantula.

Black Scorpion Vs. Halloween Crab 

Black Scorpions have eight legs and are easily identified by their pair of grasping pedipalps. The short, segmented tail is often carried over the back in a distinctive forward curve, ending with a venomous stinger. 

All scorpions also have a venomous sting, but the vast majority of the species do not pose a direct threat to humans, and in most cases, healthy adults do not need any medical attention when stung. 

Just around 25 animals are known to have venom which can kill a human being. This insect fight between a black scorpion and a halloween crab has over 3 million views on Youtube.

1000 Hungry Cockroaches Vs. Scorpion 

Usually, a hungry scorpion can eat a cockroach. But what happens when a single scorpion is attacked by 1000 hungry cockroaches? This insect fight video has over a million views on Youtube.

Praying Mantis Vs. Centipede

Praying mantis’ are not violent toward humans, but if you taunt them, they may bite you. Centipede bites can be painful to humans. All centipedes use venom to get their prey killed. 

Centipede bites rarely cause human health problems and are not usually lethal or threatening. Check out this viral video on Youtube and see how these two insects would react when they meet. 

Kung Fu Mantis Vs. Jumping Spider

Watch These 8 Insect Fights Filmed By Cameras
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Jumping spiders are usually human friendly and are not harmful to humans. While naturally carnivorous, these cute little jumpers appear to shy away from humans. 

Despite that being said, protecting yourself from jumping spider bites are a good idea because they can sting badly. This viral insect fight video has over 21 million views on Youtube.


We have so much to learn about the insect world. Some Youtubers now are collecting insects and creating viral videos of insects fighting. We must not forget that they, too, need to survive. All thanks to modern cameras and lenses now, we can see and learn so much about them.