Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review – An affordable SSD


Review: Crucial BX200

Reviewed by: Antonis Sapanidis

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Model: Crucial BX200 960GB SSD

Firmware version: MU01.4




A few weeks ago Crucial introduced their all new SSD, the Crucial BX200, and not only does this drive replace the BX100 SSD, but it also introduces the new 16nm TLC NAND from micron. The BX200 SSD is a drive that wants to take the place of our existing mechanical drive, or even a smaller SSD, and it promises high read and write speeds, with the usual reliability that we have been used to from Crucial. It should also come with an attractive price tag so if you were holding off and waiting for prices to drop then you’ll not have any more excuses preventing you from moving forward, and allowing yourself to enjoy all the benefits that SSDs have to offer.

I am 100% confident that you know the name Crucial, and you are also aware of their products, but in case that you are not familiar with Crucial or you want to find out what new information they have you can visit their website to find out everything, simply by clicking here.

Now let’s move to the more interesting parts, and start this review of the Crucial BX200 by taking a look at the package, and its contents.

The Crucial BX200 960GB SSD

Let’s start by taking a look at the package and the contents included with the Crucial BX200 960GB SSD. We’ll start with the package.

The front of the Crucial BX200 SSD, and as we can see there is a small change in the design of the box, but it still remains very clean looking.

Here is the back of the box.

A look at the top side of the Crucial BX200 960GB SSD.

And the rear of the Crucial BX200 960GB SSD.

Inside the box there is a 2.5mm spacer and a serial number for Acronis True Image HD.

Here is the front side of the PCB, we can see the DRAM, the eight NAND chips, and the Silicon Motion controller.

On the other side we find another set of eight NAND chips.

A closer look at the 16nm TLC Micron NAND.


And a closer look at the SM22566 controller.

Specifications of the Crucial BX200 960GB SSD

In the pictures below we get a more detailed view of the specifications and the features of the Crucial BX200 SSD series as they appear on official website.

As we can see the drive is available in three capacities, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB. Thankfully we no longer have a BX200 SSD that is smaller than 240GB.


In the above screenshot we can see all the available info for the Crucial BX200 960GB SSD.


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