Crucial BX200 960GB SSD review – An affordable SSD

The Negatives:

There is only one thing that the Crucial BX200 is a lacking, and this is write performance. I am not talking about the synthetic benchmarks but the real world tests, and I was surprised by how easy it was for me to push the drive to its limits. I hope that this can be fixed with a firmware upgrade.

The positives:

I will start by saying that we want see a 128GB BX200 SSD, so thank you Crucial for that. Now let’s move onto more important things, first of all the drive had very consistent read performance, not only in synthetic benchmarks but also in the real world tests. There is also a free copy of Acronis True Image, something that it welcomed. The price of the BX200 SSD is very attractive as well, but I expect that prices will soon drop, as has happened in the past, so this drive will be an even better option for an upgrade. The endurance of 72TB is also very impressive, and as always the Crucial BX200 SSD comes with three years warranty.
I have spent a few weeks with this drive, mainly doing daily tasks from writing reviews, to watching videos, playing games, and converting audio and video
files, and I have to say that in all the time that I have used the Crucial BX200 SSD it felt very good. From a simple daily users perspective the Crucial
BX200 is a good option to take bring you into the world of Solid State Drives, and it should come at a very good price. If you don’t have a light workload then
you need to look for the BX100 or the MX200.


To sum up, this is what I would say:

The Crucial BX200 SSD is the drive that introduces the Micron 16nm TLC NAND, and as a first generation product it has its limitations. But for those that look for an inexpensive SSD, to boost their read performance on light workloads, won’t be disappointed as long as they’ll have known what they bought and what it can do.

I am going to give the Crucial BX200 SSD the “Good” rating.




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