Among Us - Know All the Game's Strategies and How to Download

Developed by InnerSloth and released in 2018, Among Us has been peaking incredibly in popularity this year. With everyone making the most of this online multiplayer video game, it’s only getting harder to deduce the imposters!      

Played in groups of 4 to 10 players, each group has a mix of crew-mates and imposters. The mission of the crew-mates is to identify the imposters and eliminate them while also completing the assigned tasks around the map. 

Once the imposter is identified, the crew-mates can get together and vote him out. The key is to stay alive, fill up your task bar, and figure out who is eliminating your team. Read on to see some tips for playing Among Us, as well as how you can download the game.

Among Us - Know All the Game's Strategies and How to Download
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How to Download

Among Us is available for free download on Android on the Google Play store and for iOS on the Apple App Store. Once you start playing the game, you will be needing a solid strategy to level up. 

Take a look at some tips that we have listed to help you make the most of the game.

Stay in Groups

If you move in groups, the imposter will not be able to eliminate you. The number of players you should move with depends on how many imposters are in the game. 

If there are two imposters in the game, it's better to move with at least five players. 

Keep a Close Watch on the Task Bar

You might see a player at a task spot and think that he is a crew-mate. But, he could actually be an imposter just faking it! You can figure out by looking at the task bar. 

If he is indeed a crew-mate, the task bar should be filling up, and if it is not, then you might just be in the face of an imposter.

Strategize During Emergency Meetings

The main purpose of holding emergency meetings is to call out the imposter. 

While most of the meeting time gets wasted in a blame game, emergency meetings can also be used to decide upon a strategy like moving in groups or asking players to monitor a visual task. 

Use Your Visual Tasks Wisely 

Crew-mates are the only ones who can do tasks, so visual tasks, like scanning the Laboratory, or the MedBay are important. In case others doubt that you are an imposter, you should have a visual task handy to prove your innocence. 

Always Fix a Sabotage

We can wait for others to fix sabotage, but what if all the players are waiting on the other to do it, and you end up losing the game? It’s best to try and fix sabotage right away, and then move on with the game. 

Check for Eliminated Players

While you are busy completing tasks, always check the rooms you pass for eliminated players. If everyone remains focussed on tasks it might be long before someone is discovered, and the imposter can continue to eliminate others. 

Also if the elimination is fresh, then you can think back to the last player who just crossed you. And, there you have the imposter!

Check Door Logs and Cameras

Among Us - Know All the Game's Strategies and How to Download

Door Logs and cameras in the game keep a watch on everyone’s whereabouts. By keeping a close watch, you can monitor various player moves to find the imposter. 

The imposter may lie and say that they were somewhere else, but the cameras and door logs won’t lie, and they are likely to get caught this way!

The Bottom Line

By following these Among Us tips, you can master your detective skills so that imposters don’t easily pass you by. 

In this mobile game, sticking together with other crew-mates, strategizing, and always keeping your eyes open for suspicious activity is the key to winning this game.

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