LiteON 24/10/40 IDE

CDRW tests

The last feature we have to check is the rewrite function of this drive. This new LiteOn supports high-speed rewriting 4x10x and is of course backwards compatible with 2x4x. For the test we formatted the rewritable discs with Ahead InCD V3.14.0.


While we are having 2x4x cdrw-media and high-speed 4x10x cdrw-media we encountered another difference in rewritable media: CDRW with a different capacity. They are hard to find but they exist: 80min CDRW. 74min CDRW-media is specified thus widly spread, 80min CDRW-media isn’t. But very interesting to go a little bit deeper on this issue…

CDRW-80min will get you another 43MB extra.

There is even high-speed CDRW-80 min.


Formatting under InCD V3.14.0

After we formatted a 74min CDRW, whether this was high-speed or normal-speed, a free space of 543MB could be found on the disc through explorer.

For the 80min CDRW we received a generous 586MB of empty space. This gave us a profit of 43MB.


We have published 3 tests:

  • The amount of time to format a 700MB 2x4x CDRW
  • The time to format a 700MB 4x10x CDRW
  • The time to transfer a certain amount of files (541MB) under explorer

The formatting is slower than the Plextor, the writing faster…

We have also tested the reading of CDRW’s

The reading of a 2x4x CDRW and a 4x10x CDRW gave the same result…

CDRW 8cm media:
This LiteOn writes perfectly 8cm CDRW. An 8cm CDRW was written with 174.5 MB data in 0:05:36 min.

High speed rewriting is a big breakthrough in costeffective reliable and yet fast storage capacity. This LiteOn is no exeption and delivers what it promises.

Now that we have tested the complete drive, let’s draw the final conclusions…

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