Toshiba THNSNJ960PCSZ 960GB Enterprise SSD Review

SNIA Throughput Test

The test is designed to measure the sequential Read and
Write IO performance for two Block Sizes, when under Steady State conditions. 
One can easily compare the results produced by this test with box-top numbers,
which are usually stated as “Up to xxx MB/S”.

Here are the results –

You can see here that Steady State was achieved for both
Write IO sizes by the end of Round 5.

You can see here that Steady State for both Read IO sizes
was achieved by the end of Round 6.

Here are the average values recorded in the measurement
window –

These are excellent results.


Product Comparison

For interest we present a comparison of the 1024K sequential
reads and writes (single port) performance in comparison with those of the
other Enterprise SSDs we have tested –



Now let’s head to the next page, to look at the results
of the SNIA Latency Test…..