Plextor 24/10/40 IDE


Speed Test 2:


To measure the drive speed again we took a second benchmark utility called NeroCDSpeed from Eric Deppe. CDspeed has a more tweaks than Transferspeed.

The test with F22 Lightning3 gave us the folowing results:

The average speed in comparison with other CDRW drives


The speed at wich the drive starts to read – The bigger the better.

The reading speed at the end of the CD – The bigger the better.

The different seek times – a small improvement in comparison with the Lite-On 241040
The smaller the better.



The Plextor hasn’t increased the reading speed drastically. The 40x is true and we see a little finer tuning than the 16x. This is resulting in slightly faster reading times and reduced seek and recognition times. The burst rate has also improved a lot.

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