Plextor 24/10/40 IDE

Safedisc II:

The third game we are testing is Deltaforce III Landwarrior

Clony recognized Delta ForceIII Landwarrior as a SafediscII protected CD.


For SafediscII we didn't manage to make a playable backup under firmware V1.00.

from sector 800 up to 10.000 it took 5 hour

Under the newest firmware we did manage.

And all this in a very reasonable time!

Conclusion SafediscII:

As SafediscII reader this Plextor seemed to be in the beginning a disaster. Safedisc I worked but very slowely and SafediscII didn't work at all. Especially with this DeltaforceIII Landwarrior.


But! Firmware V1.02 performed a miracle.

Safedisc II is being read rapidly and this increases the popularity of the drive a lot in these regions. It is really a pleasure to enjoy the very fast technical support from Plextor.

Extra SafediscII:

  • What we noticed is that the Toshiba SD-1502 DVD player didn't managed to read DeltaforceIII with CloneCD. Every time we installed the game the PC froze between the 70% and 85% every time we did a full install. The small installation on the other hand did worked. Very strange indeed.
  • Stunning was the new program from copystar (Ann Chen), CD Mate, wich seemed to be a solution for our problems. What we didn't managed with CloneCD went like a rocket with CDmate The toshiba drive read the original in 6min 37sec !

    A very simple but familiar interface.

    The toshiba drive the source CD perfectly and accurate.

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