Plextor 24/10/40 IDE


The second game we have tested thoroughly is Total Annihilation Kingdoms.

Clony recognizes Total Annihilation Kingdoms as a Safedisc protected CD


With the Plextor 24x it took ages under firmware V1.00 to read this safedisc protected CD. Luckily Plextor introduced firmware revision V1.02.

You can see that the reading performance of a SafediscI protected CD is indeed superb under firmware revision V1.02.

Conclusion Safedisc:


As a safedisc reader this new Plextor transformed from an anoying reader into a top solution. From hopeless waiting times to a formula1 racer with the new firmware. If you wanna make a backup from a Safedisc protected CD we can only give you one advice; Update your firmware!

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